What is an installation?

An installation is any type of 2D or 3D art that you can dream up! It is more formally defined as 'a large sculpture-like artwork which alters the way a space is experienced.' Examples can include, wedding alters, photo backdrops, ceiling suspended sculptures, murals etc. I specialize in floral installations or botanically inspired installations but If you have a vision for a space I am here to make it come to life- any art medium, any size. 



what do you use to dye your linens?

I use organic, grocery bought vegetables to dye most of my linens and natural chemical mordants to seal in the dye so you can enjoy the rich color for years to come. However, certain dye baths require special roots or barks that must be custom ordered through a third party that sustainable sources their materials.


Do you dye anything other than linens?

yes! I can dye fabric backdrops, silk ribbons for bouquets, pillowcases etc. anything that is white to begin with in order to showcase the dye baths' richest color.